Our mission is to form professionals through educational experiences that stimulate ethical behavior, as well as an attitude of enterprise, innovation, leadership, and respect for cultural and social diversity. To do so we provide undergraduate and graduate programs of excellence and perform activities that generate, articulate and disseminate knowledge that contributes to the national community in the cultural, educational, social, and economic fields, considering the context of a global world and the norms of scientific rigor.


Nexus University, a branch campus of Universidad Mayor is dedicated to being recognized as a university that offers its stakeholders an experience focused on academic excellence within an institutional culture of a dynamic approach to education and, student-centric philosophy that encourages engagement with culturally diverse local and global communities.


Collaboration: Graduates will be skilled in forming and sustaining diverse teams to maximize resources that profit their organizations and communities.
• Communication: Graduates will gain skills to convey complex concepts in writing to a diverse audience and communicate effectively leveraging new technologies such as social media, emails, word processing software.
• Critical thinking: Graduates are enabled to analyze and synthesize complex information to solve multi-dimensional problems.
• Research and data interpretation: Graduates will become skilled researchers able to seek, find, use information and able to determine validity and reliability of information.
• Competent Practitioners: Graduates, through a combination of hands-on and didactic learning will acquire expertise in their respective degree programs, and be able to apply knowledge, skills, and abilities at their organizations.
• Evidence-Based Practice: Graduates will use current best evidence to support decision-making and improve outcomes in their respective fields.


Universidad Mayor began the noble task of contributing to the development of its native country Chile, through the creation of educated, innovative professionals and entrepreneurs 30 years ago. Three decades speak of a history of sustained growth, innovation and leadership in Higher Education.


The first example of this spirit is evident in our foundation, being the first private university with careers such as sciences of technology, civil engineering and architecture.


Launched our veterinary and agronomy schools, forest engeneering and dentistry.


Accredited by the national undergraduate Commission (cnap).


Became the first University of Latin america that reached the candidacy status for accreditation in the United States by the middle states commission on higher education.


Became the first Chilean University regionally accredited in the USA by the Middle States Commission on highereducation.


Entered the select group of eight (8) private universities that were assigned to the unique system of admission to chilean universities.


Deepened our development in research by creating the center for genomics and bio informatics, which operates under the auspices of the founded faculty of sciences.


Established Nexus University as a branch campus in Miami, Florida.


Nexus University was approved by the Florida Commission for Independent Education. (CIE)


Nexus University admitted the first cohort of students.

Nexus History

Nexus University is a Branch Campus of Universidad Mayor, which is accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The Nexus University brand is part of Universidad Mayor’s strategic expansion into the global educational community. The University provides Programs focused on niche fields in high demand by the current markets. We aim to form partnerships with organizations in the business and healthcare sectors, supporting working professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and advance their careers through a Higher Education degree.