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Lifelong Learning individual courses at Nexus University


 Individual courses are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels in a wide range of subjects, as well as courses to prepare you for industry certification exams. These courses include business, and more. One lifelong learning individual course could be your key to:

  • Increase your potential and options in the workplace
  • Obtain specific knowledge
  • Acquire new competencies and brush up on your skills
  • Earn credits toward a Nexus University degree program


Do you want to refresh your knowledge, obtain an industry certification or earn credits? At Nexus University, you can accomplish all this and much more. You can start obtaining a completion of training award in only four weeks, and prepare for certification testing with our professional development courses.

Business Analysis Essentials IIBA® ECBA EXAM – LEVEL 1 

Business Analysis, student analyzing with computer

Cybersecurity Analysis for Business Professionals: IIBA® CCA EXAM – Preparation Training

Proffesor with laptop Nexus University CyberSecurity Course

More Courses Coming Soon…

Succesful young people.


Do you need a few more courses to help you finish your degree or pursue your career goals? Lifelong learning online education courses can help you earn credits and further your career.

Organizational Behavior for Managers (3 Credits)

Manager with laptop

Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Business

Critical Thinking Courses Icon

 Introduction to Business Course (3 Credits)

Succesful young people.



Our Learning as a Service model is designed to accommodate working professionals.


We mastered online learning from day one and created a platform with true interaction.


Our small, focused classes are designed for adult learners and highly effective.


Work alongside other adult learners with similar interests from all over the world.


Learn useful concepts that you can apply in your field as soon as you know them.


Enjoy ongoing support from real people who are here to help you succeed.

Here are some frequently asked questions

Why take individual courses?

 Nexus University can offer you a direct path to reaching your goals by helping you to:

  • Earn Credits by taking a Nexus University course without committing to a degree program 
  • Get ready to take certification exams
  • Enhance your knowledge and skill set
  • Obtain coursework and credentials
How does the credit system work?

Nexus University defines a Session as a sequence of eight weeks and a Semester as a sequence of 16 weeks as per the academic calendar. An individual course is usually eight weeks long and equals three credits . For example, if you choose to take some of the courses offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, you will earn credits you can then transfer to Nexus University if you wish to continue your undergraduate or graduate career. (While many universities have adopted policies to improve credit portability, no university or college is obligated to accept your already-earned credit)


Check with your admissions representative to learn more about the earn-credits guidelines.

What payment options are available?

Courses cannot qualify for financial aid according to Department of Education guidelines. When enrolling in an individual lifelong learning course, students can choose to make 2 installment payments , bill their employer directly (if available), or secure an outside loan as a financing alternative. If you need a payment plan, please contact our finance department at (305) 575-1240.

How do I enroll?

It is simple and quick to become a non-degree student. The free application can be completed online within five minutes. You may be required to submit an additional document later, such as your official transcripts if you wish to pursue a degree program at Nexus University. If necessary, an enrollment representative will contact you to discuss this. 

Why is Nexus University the right choice?

We provide a curriculum that is professionally aligned that combines the knowledge and skills you need. Our faculty at Nexus University are ready to help you develop expertise in your field of study. 


From curious learners to those with ambitious professional goals, Nexus University is the perfect place to expand your knowledge while maintaining a work-life balance. Discover a whole catalog of individual courses that you can immediately apply to real-world situations.


Nexus University is an excellent place to take your course, and here are some reasons why:


  • Take online courses from anywhere, completing course work when it is convenient for you.
  • Flexible scheduling lets you learn at your convenience.
  • Special introductory pricing to make learning more accessible.
  • Courses available in Spanish, plus a bilingual staff here to help.
  • Small class sizes to ensure personal attention and support.
  • Supportive staff, instructors and professors with real-world experience.
  • Frequent, year-round start dates.
  • Our courses make continuing education more accessible to fit the lives of busy professionals.
  • Non-degree learners can apply for individual courses without paying any application fees. 
  • Students complete assignments based on real-life situations and challenges that they will encounter in the workplace. Nexus University courses provide the knowledge and skills you need to move forward in your career.



Starting: May 2nd, 2022
Course Fee: $950
Course Duration: 8 weeks
Workload: Approx 5-10 hours/week

Introductory Offer: 30% OFF

Code for Discount: ESSENTIALS30

Course description: Business Analysis Essentials covers the basic knowledge and foundational competencies of business analysis is an online asynchronous format and prepares students for the IIBSA® Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) Exam Level 1




There is no application fee when you apply for an individual course as a non-degree learner. We’ll connect you with an enrollment representative in your field of interest who can answer any questions you might have.