At Nexus, we are committed to each student’s success. We pride ourselves on building a permanent and close connection with our students by caring for the individual needs of students and not only their needs as students. Our Student Services department advances student development and learning, fosters community engagement, promotes diversity, inclusion and respect, and empowers students to thrive. Student Services also promotes activities where students are able to share their knowledge and obtain genuine professional experiences in the community.

The Student Services team has many ways to help students navigate university life and, when necessary, also acts as a liaison between the student and the Academic Department, ensuring inquiries are resolved and that students are well positioned to succeed. Student Services also handles such matters as complaints, and appeals.

Student-centric Philosophy

We believe our students have the fundamental right to:

Personal and Intellectual liberty

Mutual Respect

A Quality Education

A learning environment free from discrimination, harrassment, or any form of hazing

 Student Services

Nexus University offers a variety of student services designed to help each student succeed in his or her studies and navigate University life.


We offer complimentary tutoring on request, based on the availability of our instructors.

Student Advising

Students seeking advising on academic matters can meet individually with our Office of Academic Affairs.

Virtual Library

Students can access and use the library regardless of their location. Students accessing the virtual library will find a variety of digital resources.

Career Services

Career Services includes resume review and interviewing skills, along with information for those graduates seeking employment.


We prioritize your satisfaction as a student and our ability to support you during every stage of your academic journey. Nexus University’s Student Affairs Department staff is ready to assist, monitor, and proactively engage students to excel in their academic, professional, and personal lives. The Student Affairs Department provides several support services and resources to help you succeed, including:



The Student Affairs Department will offer or provide tutoring services based on the unique student academic situation. After an initial review, the Student Affairs staff will determine the best course of action tailored to the student’s needs. The Tutoring Services may range from virtual resources to one-to-one sessions with subject matter experts in the field of study.

Physical Resources

The on-campus resources vary from a comfortable modern open space to meet with your peers or professors, study, do homework or work on projects; to a Nursing Lab, Computer Lab, well-equipped classroom, coffee room, and more. We are looking forward to your visit.

Information Sessions and Workshops

Information and transparency are essential components for student success; on that account, the Student Affairs Department, in collaboration with the Admissions Department, built a three-step plan: 1. Information Session 2. New Student Orientation 3. Walk-Through Class. They provide great insight to students at each step of the process.

Career Services

The Student Affairs Department uses different tools to understand and obtain market information to best complement the student’s professional aspirations and skills with the employer’s job posting requirements for a specific field or position.

The Student Affairs staff prepares an action plan customized to each student with this information. The Student Affairs staff will guide and assist the student through the plan execution.

On-campus labs and work spaces

Students must contact student services to schedule an appointment
to use for each of these areas.

Students have access to a computer lab located on our Miami campus. The University also has a well-supplied nursing lab for those nursing students looking to improve hands on skills. On campus, students also have access to a fully equipped open space to conduct educational gatherings, work on projects or to just simply have a comfortable and quiet place to study. Students are also able to access the internet, print and make copies. Students must contact student services to schedule an appointment to use for each of these areas.

Orientation and Workshops

Our student orientation workshop is just one of the strategies that Nexus University employs to provide students with a smooth transition to class. The workshop follows a similar pattern as the learning model that is used for coursework, which helps students feel more comfortable with our learning system and resources prior to having to navigate them in an actual class.

Through its community partners and Department of Continuing Education, Nexus University is also constantly researching and developing courses to up-skill, re-skill or validate professional skills for use immediately by employees in a work environment or by entrepreneurs in their own businesses.

Online instructional materials

Nexus University provides students with access to tutorials, an e-library to enrich the course content.


Students must complete and submit to the Office of the Registrar the Petition to Graduate form with the $50.00 fee by the established deadlines as received from the Office of the Registrar. Office of the Registrar may send notices to students who have completed within 6 graduate credits towards their program requirements; however, it is the student’s responsibility to review the deadlines and request and submit the Petition to Graduate form by the established deadlines. If a student petitions the Office of the Registrar but does not complete the degree requirements on schedule, the student must submit a new petition indicating a new completion date.

A student may submit for graduation under the following conditions:

  • All academic and non-academic requirements have been met.
  • Student will complete all requirements by the deadline for submission.
  • Student will be within 6 credits at most of completing program by the deadline for submission.

For more information about the Student Support Services, please contact the Student Affairs Staff by email at or 305-575-1233.