10 Work-from-Home Nursing Jobs

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The healthcare industry is constantly expanding and adapting as the world deals with new challenges and threats. Whenever we think about nursing jobs, the first image we figure out is just nurses in hospitals or clinics. Of course, we all understand the variety of specialties and different jobs that an RN BSN nurse can get, but in the last 7-8 years, remote nursing jobs gained a lot of ground. 

Do you still consider that nursing and remote jobs don’t mix well together? In this post, you will find the best Work-From-Home jobs for nurses.

Remote nurse

Remote nurses can use technology to administer care from the comfort of their own homes. These remote positions typically support the big picture. For example, remote nurses can help plan and coordinate care for dozens of patients, including tasks like referrals, billing issues, and triaging symptoms.

Telephone triage nurse

Telephone Triage Nurses help patients establish the kind of care they need over the phone. These nursing professionals may offer a valuable brief assessment of the patient and help them determine whether they require emergency care or not. They can also help the patient make an appointment with a doctor or conduct self-treatments at home. 

Telephone Triage Nurses answer calls from patients and evaluate their medical needs by achieving an over-the-phone consultation. Because they cannot examine their patients physically, Telephone Triage Nurses must make decisions based on their information.

Informatics nurse

Informatics Nurses are really heroes in healthcare. This field combines nursing and information sciences to maintain and develop medical systems that support nursing practice. Their most important goal is to enhance patient care outcomes. 

Informatics Nurses fill a vital role in developing healthcare technology, educating other healthcare workers, and evaluating results from this implementation.

Nurse writer

Freelance Nurse Writers are nursing professionals passionate about educating others on various healthcare topics through personal experience. The combination of clinical knowledge and writing talent has an excellent potential.  

Working as a Freelance Nurse Writer could be an excellent hustle for nurses who are creative and love the field. In addition, many organizations and websites are constantly looking for nurse writers who can provide insightful articles for their platforms. 

Freelance Nurse Writers may create web content for organizations. In addition, they are skilled communicators who advocate for patients and engage in nuanced dialogue within the healthcare industry.

Online nursing educator

Online Nursing Educators work in academia to educate the next generation of nurses. Depending on their experience and employer, they might manage classes for diploma programs, associate’s degree programs, or bachelor’s degree programs. They can teach at higher levels of education, too. In addition, Online Nursing Educators may conduct research or complete several other tasks in nursing. 

Online Nursing Educators aim to prepare nurses entering or reentering the field. They also perform several other duties, such as maintaining clinical standards in a medical organization, compiling grant proposals, research laboratories, and evaluating curriculums for other nurse educators. While teaching, Online Nurse Educators also help their students resolve any issues and pass the course.

Legal nurse consultant

Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs) consult with attorneys and offer expertise on medical issues. LNCs use their experience in clinical nursing practice to apply the nursing process to complex, relevant information in legal cases. Legal Nurse Consulting has been turned into a nursing specialty since the late 1970s.

Nurse recruiter

Nurse Recruiters help medical companies by procuring nurses for various roles. Thanks to Nurse Recruiters, hospitals and other healthcare facilities run smoothly. Nurse Recruiters specialize in finding the proper nurse for the correct position. Due to the nature of their job, they must have excellent sales and communication skills. It’s their responsibility to sell an employer’s job openings to qualified nurses. They also partner with various organizations, work with multiple schools, etc.

Remote disease intervention specialist

A Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) role was initially created to fill a need in STD prevention. Now, these public health professionals have gained investigative skills that have made them critical responders to public health infectious disease threats, tuberculosis outbreak response, HIV exposure notification, other infectious disease control efforts, and emergency responses. The job duties of a DIS parallel those that would be required to respond swiftly and efficiently to critical public health problems, such as bioterrorism.

Research nurse

Research Nurses are vital to medicine because they conduct scientific research into several aspects of health, such as illnesses, treatment plans, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare methods. Their ultimate purpose is to improve healthcare services and patient outcomes.  Research Nurses are able to design scientific studies, analyze data and report their findings to other medical professionals. 

Research Nurses typically create their studies, secure funding, and collect and analyze their findings. In addition, they may help with the recruitment of study participants and offer direct patient care while completing their research.

Health coach

Health Coaches collaborate with patients through several purposeful, structured actions to achieve their individual goals and needs. Perhaps most importantly, they teach patients to recognize and live healthy lifestyles. However, nurse coaching is more than just identifying healthy choices, since coaches use their knowledge and skills to help patients adapt to a better lifestyle. 

Think about it: Nursing Health Coaches guide patients toward comprehension, not memorization. 

The primary goal of a Health Coach is to advocate for the wellbeing of their patients. To ensure this, they might negotiate with insurance companies, speak with doctors on a patient’s half, and devise plans to meet their patient’s economic needs. In addition, Health Coaches want to provide their patients with the tools they need to make beneficial and informed decisions about their lifestyle, health, and treatment.

Remote Nursing is Possible!

Gone are the days when the options for a bedside nurse who wanted a career change were limited to school nursing jobs and home care positions. 

Now, registered nurses are in demand in many different sectors of the economy, including legal, technology and insurance careers –all of which can provide work-at-home positions. 

It is possible to enjoy a flexible schedule to work from home and find the work/life balance that works best for your wellness. If you’re a nurse ready to start a new path, consider the roster of online nursing programs available at healthcare colleges like Nexus University. 

Click here to learn more. 

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