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Getting a Master’s degree adds a new chapter to your career. And the medical field is not different. The Master’s degree in nursing allows access to opportunities that wouldn’t be available without this additional educational degree.  However, as a nurse, you probably already have a busy schedule. You might think that adding a graduate nursing program to your already hectic routine would be more trouble than worth it. Nursing graduate programs are often very competitive, and retaking classes is a huge commitment. But thanks to the growth of online nursing Master’s programs, further education has become more accessible.  

If you are contemplating earning an MSN, here are a few reasons to consider an online program:

More Study Options

Nursing schools a student could attend traditionally depended on their location. Therefore, options for nursing schools were limited unless students were willing to relocate or drive long distances. However, nursing students who study online can choose from many nursing schools worldwide. Furthermore, nursing students who wish to specialize in particular areas may also benefit from these online options.

Greater Job Prospects

After completing your online MSN degree, you will immediately become a more desirable candidate. Also, you’ll no longer be an entry-level employee – you’ll specialize with an MSN, which means you’ll be able to lead in your new career.  

Nexus University’s Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Clinical Nurse Leader program is designed to prepare nurses to assume leadership roles within one of two specializations: healthcare informatics and executive leadership. Our MSN program builds off of your bachelor’s degree education to prepare nurses with advanced knowledge. Through a combination of theoretical foundations, evidence-based practice and clinical experiences, the program develops well-prepared nurse leaders. 

Specialization Options and Better Pay 

MSN degree programs allow you to select a specialization to focus on acquiring the skills you need for your career. With more training and credentials, you will have more career options. For example, MSN graduates may pursue advanced practice areas such as healthcare informatics and executive leadership. While these jobs require advanced skills and credentials, they are among the highest-paid nurses jobs. Another benefit is that some employers pay all or part of the tuition for nurses pursuing an accredited online MSN program. 

Deeper Knowledge 

Another reason to return to school is to gain deeper medical knowledge, which will let you perform better at your job. For example, higher education affects nurses’ clinical skills, success rates, and level of expertise. You can gain a deeper and wider understanding of matters studied in nursing school and also focus on a particular area of interest if you earn your Master’s degree.

More Flexibility 

A Master’s degree in the online nursing program offers many benefits, including flexibility. For example, students can access the school website anytime, and anywhere -while they continue to meet other obligations. Most students in on-campus programs attend classes full-time. As a result, there is little time for anything else. However, online Master degree’s nursing students can schedule their classes anytime, without interrupting other obligations they may have to fulfill. Students’ extra time will allow them to spend more time studying or focusing on their nursing job.

More Affordable 

The cost of campus study is high. Often, people decide not to attend university because of the price. It is still expensive to attend university, even with financial aid. Students must repay their loans. In addition to lodging and travel expenses, nursing students who attend university on campus also have to pay tuition, which usually costs so much per credit. Students who attend universities out of state must pay out-of-state tuition, which is generally higher. However, those who study online benefit from the fact that online study programs are cost-effective and so are spared travel and lodging expenses.

What to Look For in an Online MSN Program in Florida? 

First, find out whether the school is ACEN accredited. Then check whether it offers the degree program you want, such as a clinical nurse leader or healthcare informatics. Florida’s top MSN programs are affordable and feature a high employment rate for new graduates.

Ready to Earn Your Online MSN Program in Florida? 

The number of accredited, acclaimed, and affordable nursing courses available online today makes it easier to begin your nursing career. And when it comes to online MSN programs in Florida, Nexus University offers one of Florida’s best graduate nursing programs.  Nexus University’s Online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Clinical Nurse Leader program prepares nurses to take on leadership roles within one of two specialization areas: Healthcare Informatics or Executive Leadership.  

Why Choose Nexus University Online MSN Program in Florida? 

With this Master’s degree program, you’ll fully understand the nursing profession, health promotion, healthcare economics, epidemiology, research, and communication. Graduates will be ready to transition to higher-level leadership positions or to become clinical nurse leaders. Clinical nurse leaders may also take the Certified Nurse Leader examination. 

Other features of the program include: 

  • Getting your MSN in 18 months*; 
  • ACEN-accredited program; 
  • Paying $250/month at 0% interest rate*;
  • Numerous scholarships available;
  • Studying anytime, anywhere with online learning at your disposal. 

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(*) Installment Plan: The student can prorate the total degree cost of the program to be paid on monthly equal interest-free payments while in the program. The student can elect to pay more when possible. No additional fees apply. Reduced Installment Plan: The student can opt to pay a $250 interest-free monthly payment based on the program of choosing; when applicable (depending on duration of the program), the monthly payment will increase 20% yearly. The student must pay the total program commitment before graduation. No additional fees apply.

(*) Degree Requirement: A student needs to complete at least 36 graduate semester credits including 400 clinical hours to satisfy the eligibility for degree. Curriculum Plans for each Specialization: The program of study is completed in 5 sequential semesters. Each semester contains two 8- week sessions and students take a maximum of 6 credit hours per 8-week session. The students will complete 100 clinical hours in each of the four management application courses. Clinical hours can be completed in 1-2 days per week. The program’s instructional modality is hybrid which includes online for theory and in a healthcare facility for the clinical immersion experiences. Students will complete 28 credits hours of Master of Science in Nursing Core Courses and 8 credit hours of specialization courses. 


Disclaimer: These are the views and opinions of the author, and do not necessarily reflect Nexus University’s official policy. Sources cited were accurate at the time of publication.

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