How a Certification in Business Analysis can Help your Career Grow in 2022

Published by Sofia Blanzaco
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Nowadays, there are more methodologies than ever to take your business career to the next level. One of them is Business Analysis, a set of tools that help you improve decision-making processes. Business analytics aims to determine which data sets are helpful and how they can be leveraged to solve problems and increase efficiency, productivity, and revenue. But then, why is it essential to be certified in BA in 2022

According to the IIBA Global State of BA Report, professionals who hold one or more IIBA certifications earn 12% more*.

But this is only one of many other reasons. If you don’t know how a certification in Business Analysis can help you grow in your career during 2022 and how you can implement it in your daily routine, below we tell you everything you need to know:

Why Should You Become a Certified Business Analyst? 

Business analysts are becoming more common in a variety of industries. Employers want to know that you have the skills and knowledge to do the job well during the hiring process. 

An active business analyst certification demonstrates that you have the skills and knowledge to be successful in the position and that you are also committed to your career. 

Many employers are looking for certified professionals, so earning a certification is likely to expand your job opportunities. 

On the other hand, having a BA certification will give you the tools and confidence to advance your career. In addition, it will provide you with that necessary support when other people can appreciate your knowledge

How to Become a Certified Business Analyst 

The basic steps to obtain a business analyst certification are as follows: 

  • Determine what certification you need
  • Check that you have all the requirements 
  • Prepare to take the certification exam 
  • Take the test 

Which Certification is Best for a Business Analyst? 

Business analytics is overgrowing -as well as the demand for business analysts- and many professionals are wondering “how to get certified in this field.” So, in a quest to become a certified business analyst, it is essential to know the best certification to aim for. 

The International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA®) certifications are recognized worldwide. For these reasons, earning certifications can help you build your career in business analytics. 

It pays to get certified in business analysis from entry-level to advanced level, and even in specialized areas such as cybersecurity to maximize your BA career potential. With IIBA certifications, you can even get certified online. 

The certification program consists of the three levels detailed below ECBA™, CCBA®, and CBAP®. They range from entry-level to expert knowledge level in business analysis. To choose the best certification program, you need to determine the best level that matches your interests, experience, and career goals. 

The three different levels of the certification program are: 

How to Succeed in your Exam in your First Attempt 

The business analysis profession is one of the fastest-growing occupations. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a 14% industry growth has been projected between 2014-2028.**  

Industry certifications, such as the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), are proven ways to get oneself established in the industry and achieve much-aspired growth in the profession in terms of skill, visibility, personal branding, and career growth, to name a few. In addition, it opens a myriad of opportunities for a business analysis professional. 

But for those willing to achieve an IIBA certification on the first attempt without falling for failure traps, we recommend Business Analysis Essentials Online Course IIBA® ECBA™ Exam – Level 1 designed by Nexus University and endorsed by the IIBA. 

By clicking here, you will find a 30% discount code to sign up for this course. 

Who should take Business Analysis Essentials? 

The course is designed to prepare participants interested in Business Analysis regardless of their experience. This includes individuals considering a career in business analysis with limited or no previous (BA) Business Analysis work experience, as well as anyone already in the field looking to strengthen their (BA) Business Analysis skills and knowledge. 

This course will benefit new business analysts, project managers, project team members and functional managers interested in applying business analysis practices for managing project requirements. 

To gain a better sense of what type of questions you might encounter in the IIBA Exams, download the 50 Exam Train Q&A for ECBA/IIBA here. 


Business analytics is a specialized career that thrives on a foundation of knowledge. In order to guide and lead a business through the unknown or unmapped territory to its desired destination, you need to acquire various certifications in business analysis



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