Online RN to BSN Program: Everything you Need to Know

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Nursing in 2021 is more complex than ever before. Although becoming a registered nurse (RN) has many benefits, there is something undeniable: most employers prefer BSN-prepared nurses1. In the following article, we will approach the critical factors about why a BSN is important, the reasons why more healthcare employers are demanding BSN nurses and the benefits of taking an online RN to BSN program.

What is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing? 

BSN means Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. It is a comprehensive educational program for those who want to take their nursing education to the next level. Today, BSN graduates hold a majority of entry-level nursing positions, and the main difference between them and associate degree holders who are already working as RNs is the skills and abilities that BSN graduates obtain, which are mainly: 

  • Leadership skills: BSN graduates gain the skills and knowledge needed to become a leader amongst peers. 
  • Autonomy: BSN graduates are empowered with strategies and processes that improve the lives of patients. 
  • Management skills: Being good at communication, being a complex problem solver, and knowing how to collaborate with other Heads of Department are all characteristics of BSN graduates. 

Why is a BSN in Nursing important?

It’s a fact, healthcare employers require nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree or ask their staff to obtain one. And there are many reasons for this: 

    1. Nurses are retiring: retiring nurses are leaving a gap in nursing leadership positions. In this context, positions that need to be covered are filled with BSN-trained nurses. That’s why Nexus University’s online RN to BSN program, strongly focuses on leadership and management skills added to the theoretical and practical valuable knowledge.
    2. Patients handled by a BSN have better outcomes: according to significant studies examining more than 300,000 patients2, they do better when more BSN-trained nurses are involved with their care.
    3. Nursing in the 21st Century is more complex than ever before: the complexity of today’s healthcare requires transitioning from skill-based competencies to those that value knowledge and competence on health policy, system improvement, research, evidence-based practice, teamwork and collaboration, complex decision making, and leadership3.

How long do RN to BSN programs take? 

Nowadays, there are different pathways to enroll in an RN to BSN program. Traditional on-campus learning classes are still an option, but online classes are on the increase. Nexus University offers a renowned online RN to BSN program that allows working nurses the flexibility they need to continue working while improving their skills. With this program, you can go from RN to BSN in 3 Semesters*. One of the advantages of online theory classes is that they let you study at your own pace and earn your BSN while balancing a busy schedule. 

Other Advantages of BSN in Nursing

  • Yes: Higher Salaries 

By earning a BSN degree, you can make approximately between $5,000 to $10,0004 more annually than an RN without a BSN degree.  

Besides better job opportunities and considerably higher salaries, the possibility of ascending within an organization holding a BSN degree is higher, as you may have the tools required for team leadership, and you can make more money moving to different management positions of the organization. Furthermore, after completing your BSN, you can go for a Master of Science in Nursing or even a Doctoral of Nursing Practice. 

  • It might not be optional soon. 

The Institute of Medicine Report5 asked to widen the percentage of BSN nurses from 49% to 80% for 2020. Without any doubt, this tendency will increase, and we think this pathway might not be optional soon. 

Nurses who hold a BSN degree are more likely to be hired than nurses with an associate degree. Furthermore, nurses who have a BSN may continue their education with a Master’s or a Doctoral degree. Nurses with BSNs will be better prepared to manage nursing teams and supervise student nurses on clinical rounds. 

Final thoughts  

Now that you know the advantages of becoming a BSN-prepared nurse, it only remains to find the ideal program for you. Once you’ve done that, you can start researching university admission requirements and study plans suitable for your working and family life.  

Nexus University can help you move to the next step. 

Nexus University combines education programs in high-demand fields with the flexibility and convenience of online learning. Programs are designed to offer students – especially working professionals – a sustainable path to advanced qualifications and expanded career opportunities. Our student-centric educational experience emphasizes academic excellence, innovation, professional integrity, and respect for cultural and social diversity. Nexus University is a Branch Campus of Universidad Mayor, accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 



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*Refers only to core nursing courses. Students need 120 total credit hours to graduate with a BSN. 35  credits are awarded for nursing courses from your nursing diploma or associate’s degree studies and  held in escrow until completion of the RN to BSN

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