5 Business Analysis Skills You Must Possess in 2022

Published by Sofia Blanzaco
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Are you willing to work as a business analyst using data analysis to review processes, set requirements and make data-driven suggestions but you don’t know if you have the required skills and experience?

This article will show you which the essential business analyst skills are and how you can acquire them.

How do I become a business analyst? 

Becoming a business analyst may seem difficult, but it will be much easier if you follow these steps:

  1. First, obtain a certification. It is recommended that you determine what type of certification is ideal for you.
  2. Second, prepare to sit for the certification exam. There are courses you can take to get ready for your certification exam. 
  3. Third, get certified. 

Now that you’ve got your certification, let’s see what employers consider as the most important skills in 2022. 

Ability to solve problems 

Every project is a problem-solving exercise. 

Business analysts help create a shared understanding of the problem, workarounds, and project scope at the highest level.

You will often help teams solve technical difficulties, especially when many business or technical stakeholders are involved.

Critical thinking  

Business analysts must weigh many options before helping a team to make decisions to find solutions. 

Business analysts must listen to stakeholder demands as they uncover the problem to be solved. Still, they must also critique those needs and ask probing questions until the genuine need is revealed and understood.

Therefore, new business analysts must have critical thinking and comprehensive assessment skills.

Financial planning  

Financial planning aims to determine how a business will meet its strategic goals and objectives.

The goal is to make money for both your organization and your clientele. If your financial strategy is inaccurate, you risk losing money for the company and/or the client. 

Ability to make decisions 

The organization doesn’t want the second-best answer because they missed something or rushed to find a solution.

You advise developers and consult with management. The decisions you make will have far-reaching consequences for the company.

The next phase is to choose a decisive action plan after assessing the problem, gathering advice from coworkers, researching, and analyzing the data. However, don’t make those selections hastily.

Ability to negotiate 

Customers, developers, users, and management have unique personalities, ideas, and skillsets.

You need to be able to communicate effectively with these personalities while also pleasing them all at the same time.

Maintaining professional relationships while finding mutual solutions among various people is essential.

You’ll need to persuade them to look at other options and then get everyone to agree on how to put your plan into action.  


We’ve carefully compiled the five business analyst skills you must possess to thrive in this career. But, as you may know, it also requires lots of other types of skills.

In addition to the above, you must be an exceptional speaker and socializer and a technologically-skilled guru.

It’s time to get to work and start the business analysis course that will provide you with all the tools to obtain your certification! Good luck!

Disclaimer: These are the views and opinions of the author, and do not necessarily reflect Nexus University’s official policy. Sources cited were accurate at the time of publication.